Micro Lesson 083: "D Minor" Folk Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 083"

This Micro Lesson works through a Folk-Rock style riff in "D Minor." 

The riff covers scale patterns from 5th through to the open positions and uses a lot of sixteenth-notes to build the quick push that's felt across the entire phrase. 

Starting from the 3rd and 2nd guitar strings, the main segment of this riffs theme applies two hammer-on's and a pull-off lick to carry the phrase from the higher to the lower registers. 

There's a 1st and 2nd ending that uses the 5th and 4th strings to either turn the phrase around, or wrap it up. Watch the abundance of hammer-on's, pull-off's and slides. And, take your time learning the phrasing.

Also, once the general idea of this part is developed, try to test the use of, "Hybrid" picking. Several sections of this riff can really benefit from the Hybrid technique. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 083: "D Minor" Folk Rock Riff


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