GuitarBlog: Jazz Blues for Dummies

GuitarBlog: Jazz Blues for Dummies...

This week on the GuitarBlog we run through how to perform the common 12-bar Jazz-Blues chord changes. 

Memorizing a few Jazz-Blues progressions can be very helpful to our guitar playing skills. They not only follow the common layouts found in traditional 12-bar Blues progressions, but they also introduce certain popular jazz situations that are incredibly beneficial to; 

- Learn about their structure and their form
- Know chord patterns (specifically the Maj.7, Min.7, Dom.7)
- Become familiar with 12-bar variations as they occur

If you play guitar long enough and get into enough different playing situations, the day will eventually come where someone throws a set of jazz-blues changes in front of you. And, they'll expect that you can play them down. You should have some working knowledge and be able to at minimum read a chart of these chord changes.

The best part about the way I've laid out this particular set of 12-bar jazz blues chord changes is the fact that they are not terribly difficult to learn. By using the chord voicings discussed in the lesson, with a small amount of work, you can generally develop these chords fairly quickly. Enjoy! 

Jazz Blues for Dummies:

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