GuitarBlog: Chromatic Blues Licks...

GuitarBlog: Chromatic Blues Licks...

This weeks GuitarBlog discusses the concept of how guitar players will apply chromatic ideas around common blues licks. 

When applying this, "Blues Chromatic," technique the guitarist will generally either use a very linear method of straight, 'step by step,' movements, or they'll use a method of approaching "scale" or "chord" tones from above or from below by perhaps a, "step or two," (in and around a chord tone). 

These chromatic concepts can be slipped in at any time during a blues lick. The most popular areas will generally include the start or at the ending of a phrase. 

In this video, I'll cover how these blues chromatic lines get established, and how guitar players can start to think about using chromatic parts in blues phrases. Enjoy! 

Chromatic Blues Licks:

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