QwikRiffs #011 - Smooth Jazz Dorian Riffs "G Dorian"

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The latest QwikRiffs video, Smooth Jazz Dorian Riffs "G Minor/Dorian" is available in the members area. Includes PDF handout!

QwikRiffs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikRiffs Series run through collections of rhythm guitar riffs covering all types of playing styles. I cover different 'famous artist' playing approaches and I will demonstrate ideas based on rhythm guitar techniques... 

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Episode #011 covers three "G Minor /Dorian" Riffs.

Riff one introduces the"I-Chord" minor (Gm) to the "IV-Chord" major (C major) concept used so often in Dorian harmony. This two-chord jam helps with confirming the basic harmonic ideas of Dorian modes major 6th degree.

Riff two gets funky with a Smooth jazz riff based upon both the 7th and 9th chord types. A 16th-note scratch pattern organizes a busy rhythm around promoting the Major 6th interval of, "G Dorian."

Riff three runs through a common sound of the smooth jazz style that places emphasis upon the application of connecting lick phrases. The use of these parts work with the chord harmony to help promote the use of the "G Dorian" modes "E" natural tone across the example statement.

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