10 Cheap Guitar Hacks (Starting at $0.00 a Day)

In this fun video guitar-blog I run through a group of ten popular random questions that I will get asked on a fairly regular basis. The questions range from practice tips, to gear questions to earning more money as a guitarist...


1). Take a Equipment Bag to Gigs: To make sure every gig is a successful one, take a small duffle-bag with everything you could ever need, and then some.

2). Record with Mics as well as DI: Mics you use don't need to be expensive in fact that's especially true with the APEX 185B Pencil Condenser Microphones.

3). Practice with a Drum Machine: Drum machines are a lot more fun than Metronomes.

4). Mid-Range Guitars can be Fantastic: You don't always need to believe that you have to blow the bank on an expensive guitar.

5). Figure Out How Much You Need to Earn: As a musician you'll need to plan how much money you'd need to make in a month, but focus more on how much that translates to every day, rather than for the month.

6). Where you live equals how you'll make it: Living in different cities, or in different countries will mean you'll need to approach your business slightly differently.

7). Use a Capo to Develop Barre Chords: If you clamp a capo down on your neck, you'll find it easier to practice barre chords!

8). Develop what you're studying up to at least a 60%: You don't have to learn material up to a 100% level. Just build it up to at least 60%. Then, add on new material and build that up.

9). High Stress Situations (Live Playing) Feeds you Skill: If you only ever play in your bedroom, (low stress) you'll never reach the highest peak of your personal ability. And, the more that you can get on stage, the better your skills will become on every level of playing.

10). Use Visualization to Learn Everything Faster: Whatever you're learning, be it; new scales, chords, arpeggios, progressions - even new songs. You'll learn everything faster through visualization drills. You can do them anywhere at any time.



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