5 Types of Musician to AVOID...

Whether you're running a band or working in someone else's band, sometimes you'll encounter other musicians who seem to inject the strangest of behaviors into the mix. Here's a shortlist of certain personalities that you may want to avoid so that your next project is a lot more successful... 


1). Judgemental /Critical: Any type of musical /creative situation will come with those "up days" and with a few "down days." Maybe it's bio-rhythms or the position of the moon, or it's because it's raining outside, I don't know... who the heck knows. But, the last thing any of us needs on those slightly off days is a person who is a severely judgemental critique.

The constant refreshing of their "opinions" of you will drag you down so severely that your slightly off-day will turn into a zero success day and you'll be so thrown off your game so bad that you won't even be able to function properly at all. These types of people will be on at you, and criticize your band members, and criticize the producer, and the engineer, and the sound guy. It'll be insane.

The end product of their behavior is that they'll end up making everyone feel terrible. And, that will totally suck the life out of everyone when it comes to performing, or recording, or doing any successful song-writing.

The person with an abundance of judgemental critique will form and instantly verbalize opinions that will drag you down and make you and the band feel like garbage. So watch out for these types. Be on guard, you don't want these people involved in any of your serious endeavors.

 2). Jealous: These are the people who will never be happy when successful things are happening to you directly. If you get a great gig, they'll be jealous, if you get a really cool new amp, they'll be jealous. And, it won't end at musical gear.

If you get a new car, a new bike, a new apartment - they'll be jealous! It just never ends with these people and their jealousy doesn't seem to stop at envy. They'll often say negative things, and make you feel like total crap in an effort to make themselves feel better.

It's a vicious cycle with these types, and it sucks to be around them. they'll drag you down and kill your creativity.

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3). Gossiping: This type of musician can ruin bands and even ruin careers. They're the type who can't stop carrying on about everyone involved in a project. And, it's generally only the negative ideas about other people that they seem to zero in on.

You can spot these people because all they do is constantly make fun of other people. And, in particular about other peoples short-comings and mis-fortunes. These types are really about tearing things down in the long term, and not about building other people up and building situations up.

You're going to obviously know people like this, (everyone does), but, you certainly do not want to get involved with these personality types in any serious musical endeavor.

4). Arrogant: The really "in your face" arrogant type of person tends to simply lack confidence! So, their way of pushing themselves up, is to slap you down.

Never get involved with these types in any kind of serious musical project. These types of people, will be extremely difficult to communicate with, and they'll end up causing you a ton of problems with everything from; booking shows, to touring, and even with organizing your band rehearsals.

The arrogant type of musician always needs to; show off, to be rude and throw ridiculous tantrums. Maybe that works with big name stars making millions of dollars, but it sucks massively when you just got a 3 piece band trying to book a show for 600 bucks.

A small local band trying to earn a couple hundred bucks on a weekend can't be in competition with some arrogant idiot. Basic jam bands need to work together and have success as a group. Having a really arrogant band mate is simply a giant waste of time.

5). Victims: These are musicians who constantly seem to be having major problems in their lives. At first, you'll likely feel empathy for these types. But, in a relatively short period of time these types will wear you down.

These people will just constantly have an endless amount of problems, including injuries, relationships falling apart, it's almost as if they've got a permanent black cloud floating above them, and they'll eventually become too much to handle for the average band and you'll find that they'll slow your musical projects down to literally a snail's pace - from all of their seemingly endless personal dilemmas.



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