GUITAR SOLOING LESSON 010 - Tracking the Arrival of Chords

October 13, 2017:
Lesson 010 - Tracking the Arrival of Chords

A guitar players phrasing really begins to shine once they can track into chords in a more sophisticated manner. Zero in on chord tones and learn to take full advantage of the exact notes which directly relate to the chord being performed at the moment... 

Lesson 010 explores this idea in detail... 

The examples in this lesson will help to begin developing chord tracking technique. We'll explore tracking single chord arrivals and how to play into multiple chord situations. We'll also study more advanced techniques such as, tracking into extended and altered chords, as well as, tracking chords using matched rhythms.

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PART ONE:  In example one, we'll study how to track across the movement of two chords. We'll explore ways for how they can be tracked using chord tones across simple 8th-note rhythms. Our approach will be based upon the use of the strongest chord tones found within each chord.

Example two expands upon the concepts described in example one by studying how multiple chord changes can be tracked into using the most relevant chord tones. We'll also explain the importance of "length of time," on each chord and how duration plays a role with tracking into chord tones.

In example three, we'll step-up to more advanced chord types by focusing upon how melody lines can track into both extended and altered chords. A progression from the key of "B Minor" uses both 11th and 13th extensions to highlight diatonic chord ideas. Plus, an altered sound of the augmented 5th is also introduced over the keys VII-chord (A7).

Example four taps into one of the more interesting situations that can occur when practicing the tracking of arriving chord sounds. This example explores the added benefit of not only matching the way that each new chord appears within the progression, it also simultaneously matches the rhythmic meter. Each pulse of the phrase is directly matched both rhythmically and melodically to the arrival of the upcoming chord. The effect of this in action results in an infectious groove.

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