How to Think Like Jazz Guitar Player

At some point almost every guitar player begins to consider that if they could take some time to learn jazz, the study of jazz could help them become a much better guitar player...  and they'd be correct!


The thing that often stops players from learning jazz is that they will not understand how to start studying jazz guitar. However, the trick with getting into the jazz guitar practice method is very simple. All you need to do is learn a short jazz progression that does two things;

#1). Demonstrate the important chord qualities used in jazz.

#2). Develop the swing feel, since that's so vital to delivering the rhythm of this style.

In this week's "Guitar Blog Insider" I'm going to cover all of these ideas. And, when we're done, you'll have your first Jazz tune to practice that will hopefully lead you to learning many more jazz songs and jazz riffs in the future.

In order to develop your ability for playing jazz guitar, your most important item will be that first group of jazz changes. Try to keep it short, my recommendation is an 8-bar maximum.

The piece will need to introduce four main chord qualities, to you, which are; Major 7, Minor 7, Dominant 7th and some form of either 1/2 or fully Diminished chord. Once you can achieve some success with performing your initial jazz progression (in at least two areas of the fingerboard), you'll basically have what you need to go forward and start developing many more jazz songs in your repertoire.

All future songs you study will introduce new extended and altered chords. After  approximately a dozen songs, you will be well on your way playing jazz.


 (watch the video to learn the chord patterns)

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