QwikRiffs #010 - Heavy Metal Riffs in "E Minor"

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QwikRiffs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikRiffs Series run through collections of rhythm guitar riffs covering all types of playing styles. I cover different 'famous artist' playing approaches and I will demonstrate ideas based on rhythm guitar techniques... 

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Episode #010 covers three "E Minor" Metal Riffs.

Riff one contains a Slayer style riff that applies dissonant intervals of the minor 2nd and diminished 5th to create an "evil" minor tonality effect.

Riff two sets up a phrase out of the style of Megadeth. This phrase incorporates a more "Rock /Blues" effect by focusing upon the use of the Nat. Minor Scale and Blues Scale.

Riff three focuses on the classic effect of the Black Sabbath style. The riff mixes Minor Pentatonic and the Blues Scale. A strong turnaround using the G5 and A5 power chords takes the progression back around to the top.

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