Meet Sensus, "The World's First Smart Guitar"

Courtesy of Max Monahan

Its manufacturer, Mind Music Labs, refers to the Sensus as "the first real smart guitar in the world, designed to satisfy the needs of contemporary musicians looking for new sounds and new ways to express themselves and reach more people."

According to the company, "all sounds and effects [in the video] can be obtained without the help of any accessory or computer: [it's] 100 percent Sensus Smart Guitar sound!"

Here are a few Sensus factoids from Mind Music Labs':

"Sensus is at the same time a real guitar, a 360-degree wireless music system and a true IoT device: if feels and plays like a guitar, but its innovative technology evolves what a guitar can do and allows its wooden body to produce any sound and modulation, always in high fidelity, and to take full advantage of Internet connectivity."

"Sensus feels like a guitar and is built with the same wood of Stradivari violins. Like any guitar, Sensus produces sound thanks to the vibration of real strings. The vibration is transmitted to the wooden body of the guitar, and its vibration is what produces the music you hear."

"With Sensus, you can add infinite modulations and effects to your music in a natural, beautiful way, with no need for amplifiers or accessories. You can also stream and play directly on your favorite songs, or jam together with a friend at a distance, listen to what you just played and immediately share your performances online.

Of course, you can also perform on big stages taking advantage of Sensus’ IoT features to add new levels or expression and interaction to your performances, or record music in studio-level quality straight from the guitar."

The video, which features a performance by guitarist Valerio Fuiano, shows the expressive potential of the Sensus.  For more information, check out the video below and visit