Jazz Blues Guitar: Horn-Style Filler Licks

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This week on the GuitarBlog I cover the concept of Jazz Blues Guitar: Horn-Style Filler Licks. 

This is a really cool sounding technique that blues and jazz  guitar players (as well as guitarists from other styles) will add into their rhythm playing. 

By performing small two and three-note chords - used as filler ideas around rhythm parts - we can mimic the effect of horn parts, (the sax or trumpet ideas in jazz and blues bands). 

Once a guitarist has their basic blues chords down (and they can play them in context of a 12 or an 8-bar blues), the horn-shot ideas become a great additional technique, (one that isn't all that difficult to perform). 

Also, once a guitarist will learn to add a few of these horn-shots into the mix, they'll tend to be quite easy to expand upon. In time, it won't take long for a few of these ideas to turn into many more variations. 

In this lesson, I'm going to introduce a few of these "Horn-shot" licks and help you with getting started into what I'm sure will be a really fun technique for you to apply in Jazz-Blues - and many other styles. Enjoy the lesson!

Jazz Blues Guitar: Horn-Style Filler Licks

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