2-String Wide Lateral Guitar Arpeggio Patterns

GuitarBlog: 2-String Wide Lateral Guitar Arpeggio Patterns...

Guitar players tend to learn their arpeggios in very vertical ways. Generally, within a "box shape" on the guitar fingerboard. 

While this can offer us a few common sounds and applications of the arpeggio musically, it's not until we begin studying arpeggios in a more 'along the neck' manner that the arpeggios will really begin to help us make some very cool sounding phrases. 

In this lesson, I run through a methodology covering how to play 2-string "along the neck" arpeggios. These arpeggios are unique in how they both operate on the neck and in how they are applied in a melody or in a lead.

We'll explore a few of the more common the shapes, and convert their quality from major to minor. From there, we'll expand upon the arpeggios by exploring the 7th extension and we'll put them to use by applying them in a short musical phrase. Enjoy the lesson!

Wide Lateral Guitar Arpeggio Patterns

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