LEAD GUITAR: 3 Tips to Always Have Stuff to Play

GuitarBlog: LEAD GUITAR: 3 Tips to Always Have Stuff to Play...

This week on the GuitarBlog I'm working through how to expand both the quality, and the time-frame, for performing smoother, more connected, lead ideas during your guitar solos. 

Almost every guitar player goes through the exact same situation when they're trying to develop their soloing skills. These generally involve a lack of ideas and a poor ability to connect their lines. 

The fact is, we all need to have good ideas ready to apply when it comes to playing solos, and if we don't, we'll probably run out of things to say fairly quickly. When ideas evaporate, a common 'guitar players term' for this is called, "Noodling." 

Basically, this term means that we're not playing anything of musical, "substance." The opposite of 'Noodling' would be playing lines that form a solid musical "direction." If you're finding yourself stuck in a rut, playing random licks and phrases that never really go anywhere, then this weeks GuitarBlog will have a few great tips for you to work on. 

In this lesson, I'll discuss how to rid your playing of the 'random noodling approach,' and turn the time you spend soloing into a better, more productive one that has far more direction to it. Enjoy the lesson!

LEAD GUITAR: 3 Tips to Always Have Stuff to Play

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