8 Tips for a Better Live Show...

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8 Tips to Make Sure Your Next Gig is the Best Ever...

Being able to pull off a stellar performance is a hallmark trait of an excellent musician. After all, nothing wins fans more than a show they just can't stop thinking about. To make sure your next gig is your best one ever, try applying these eight tips from a number of leading industry experts!

1. "A setlist should be set before the show, and you should rehearse your transitions. It’s perfectly fine to take a moment to thank the crowd and ask how everyone’s doing tonight. But for a good portion of your set, the transition from one song to the next should be instantaneous." – Jesse Sterling Harrison, author and recording artist

2. "When is it not exciting when someone hops onstage unexpectedly to join the band currently playing? Invite a few members from another group on the same lineup for backup on the final song's chorus, or have a friend your fans will recognize for a cover of a tune they'll love to hear." – Jhoni Jackson, music journalist and venue owner

3. "Think about the performers you admire. Envision yourself with all those qualities you want to possess, even if you don’t feel like that person is necessarily 'you.' Write all these qualities down. Before the next time you take the stage, give yourself a moment to look over them again." – Sarah Spencer, singer/songwriter and blogger

4. "A 'worst first' philosophy will have you attacking the most difficult material first, giving you more time to get comfortable with the songs that require the most technique. Then you can figure out the simpler songs at your leisure." – Jesse Sterling Harrison, author and recording artist

5. "Prescription antihistamines are severely drying to your voice which causes other problems as a singer (you never want sing over dry cords). If you suffer from allergies, get tested by an allergist and get on a treatment program that doesn't include antihistamines." – Cari Cole, vocal coach

6. "If you have an unusual setup, it’s best to let everyone know ahead of time. That will make the show run smoothly and everyone happier in the long run." – Ty Trumbull, musician and writer

7. "You practice your set for weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to it. When the crowd is smaller, take advantage of the opportunity to do things you can only do with a smaller crowd." – Adam Bernard, music industry veteran

8. "If you're choosing to cover a song to show off or prove a point, you're most likely covering a song for the wrong reasons. Ideally, covering a song should create a positive crowd response through the song’s familiarity." – Christopher DeArcangelis, musician and copywriter.