Jazz Guitar Octaves - Minor Pentatonic Scale

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Octaves played on guitar are a popular sound and not one that is only performed by Rock players like Hendrix, or Jazz Guitarists like, Wes Montgomery... 

Many other players in many other styles are using octaves.

Blues, R and B, Pop, Smooth-Jazz and even Country players will apply this "Octave Scale" sound. And, since it's such a natural sounding guitar effect, (with or without effects), the ways it can be applied are abundant. 

Players can apply this "Octave Scales" sound through melodic fills and lead guitar parts. All it takes is learning some basic left-hand muting technique, (so your other surrounding strings are as quiet as possible). 

Then you can get to work on organizing the use of the octaves around scales. In this video, I'll cover the general technique, we'll look over some scale shapes for Minor Pentatonic and we'll apply octaves in a riff. Enjoy the lesson!

Guitar Octaves - Minor Pentatonic Scale

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