RHYTHM GUITAR 002: Intermediate Rhythmic Meter

April 07, 2018:
Intermediate Rhythmic Meter

 NEW  The second lesson of "Rhythm Guitar" picks up where lesson one left off. The examples in lesson two explore more complex rhythms that incorporate ties, sustain, anticipation and 16th-note feel.

Rhythm Guitar 002 also expands upon the use of chords. This lesson adds several new moveable chord shapes. These shapes will include inversions and barre chords. 

Lesson two breaks down four rhythmic meter studies. Each example adds more complex meter using varied note duration, ties, augmentation and principles related to strum technique.

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Join the member's area to download the PDF handout and MP3's. Study all of the examples with full access to both video lessons. Be sure to spend some additional time on learning the "Rhythm Jam Challenge" piece that I performed at the start of the lesson in the "Part One" video...

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PART ONE:  In example one, the feel of the eighth-note and quarter-note is mixed with ties and rests to off-set the straight-time feel. The result are measures that feel broken and occur off the push of the down-beat. 

In example the structure of the rhythm is based upon adding more space through both longer sustain and by way of adding anticipation. Once again our rhythm is varied across each measure. The use of half-notes and ties will work to stretch the time.

In example three, the application of busy 16th-note feel strumming is introduced. Combinations of both eighth-note and sixteenth-note feel are blended to produce a funky effect.

Example four, applies the scratch technique in the first three measures of our groove. Work closely with the clap MP3 to establish the proper feel for the count. Then, study the hand movements shown on the "Part Three" video to replicate the correct strumming pattern.

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