Qwik Songs #003: "How I Got to Memphis" by Bobby Bare

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Welcome to the new QwikSongs video lesson series. Lesson three covers the song, How I Got to Memphis by Bobby Bare... The Qwik-Songs videos are available in the members area. Includes PDF handout!

QwikSongs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikSongs Series run through the structure of popular songs. This will include topics such as; harmonies, scales, song sections and guitar solos... 

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Episode #003
"How I Got to Memphis" by Bobby Bare.

Section one works through the principle guitar riff. This part acts not only as an intro, but also as a background melody through the piece. Many variations of the part are performed, a general overview is outlined in section one.

Section two discusses the chord harmony and the harmonic movements from within the principle key of "D Major." Chord degrees of "I-IV and II" are used to establish the Verse and Chorus harmonies. 

Section three focuses on the Bridge. Here, the "V-chord" is used to push off the measures into the I-chord resolution.

Section four explores the half-step modulation that occurs within the piece. An interesting use of "Modal Interchange" is applied to transition the piece up to "Eb Major" and create a new harmony concept.

How I Got to Memphis: by Bobby Bare

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