GUITAR TECHNIQUE 001: Drills for Hand Function & Control

April 01, 2018:
Drills for Hand Function and Control

 NEW  The lesson plans of "Guitar Technique" have begun. This new Creative Guitar Studio course will explore exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal will be to increase mobility and control over what is being performed.

Guitar Technique topics will focus on hand skill for more perfect movement. The results we're after include greater; clarity, agility, speed and accuracy of movement. 

Lesson one of Guitar Technique works through a collection of drills focused on the coordination of the left and right hands.

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PART ONE:  In example one, I've organized an upper string study that offers help to the coordination of the left and right hands.

Example two focuses on both picking and fingering control to help foster better execution of fret-hand sustain and to help with expanded control of using different kinds of picking variations across a melody.

In example three, the goal is achieving better ability for tracking notes while learning to have greater order with the fingers when crossing through guitar strings vertically.

Example four, explores the development of more accuracy when performing vertical jumps with entire melodic phrases. Examples of both two-string and a three-string phrased groups of notes are provided as an exercise.

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