Qwik Songs #004: "Santeria" by Sublime

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Welcome to the new QwikSongs video lesson series. Lesson four explores the song, Santeria by Sublime... The Qwik-Songs videos are available in the members area. Includes PDF handout!

QwikSongs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikSongs Series run through the structure of popular songs. This will include topics such as; harmonies, scales, song sections and guitar solos... 

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Episode #004 - Members Area Handout
"Santeria" by Sublime.

Section one works through the intro guitar riff. The chord harmony of "E, G#, C#m and B," are outlined using an arpeggiated technique. 

Section two explores the harmony and playing style associated to the songs Reggae influenced /Ska strum groove (back-beat chord hits). The rhythm is applying chord shots on the same chords that are used within the songs intro. of "E, G#, C#m and B."

Section three works through another arpeggiated idea that covers the harmony of a new set of chords found in the songs verse. This section applies a lead-style melodic line around the chords of "A, B, E, and C#m."

Section four provides a collection of chord diagrams that run through an overview of the patterns applied across the piece.

Santeria: by Sublime

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