GUITAR TECHNIQUE 003: Phrasing & Slurring (Jazz)

April 29, 2018:
Phrasing and Slurring (Jazz)

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal will be to increase mobility and control.

Guitar Technique topics will focus on hand skill for perfected movement. The desired results  include greater; clarity, agility, speed and accuracy of movement. 

Lesson three of Guitar Technique contains studies for developing better control over slurring devices. These techniques are often referred to as "legato" technique. They include the use of "hammer-ons," "pull-offs" and "slides."

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PART ONE:  In example one, the exercise is divided into two sections that use a key of "Eb Major," melodic statement. The initial example (ex. 1a), establishes a starting statement (2 bars) without any phrasing devices included. 

The second statement branches out to include greater use of phrasing (using slides, pull-offs and hammer-ons)..

Example two branches out to the feel of sixteenth-notes with a similar phrasing study to exercise one. This key of, "Eb Major," exercise is again divided into two segments. 

The first (ex. 2a), establishes a 16th-note melodic statement without the use of any phrasing devices. The second, (ex. 2b), includes phrasing and slurring devices (to introduce different ways of applying slurs).   

In example three, all of the slur techniques (introduced in Part One of this lesson), apply the Swing feel to help push a melodic line through Jazz phrasing in the key of "C Minor."

Slurring in the jazz style allows for a particularly smooth and connected sound around the eighth-note triplet duration.

Example four, studies the technical effects that occur when the phrasing of a passage is altered to reflect changes to the primary note duration. In exercise four, there are two distinct lines built from within the key of, "F Minor /Blues."

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