RHYTHM GUITAR 001: Developing Rhythmic Meter

March 23, 2018:
Developing Rhythmic Meter

 NEW  The lesson plans of "Rhythm Guitar" have started. This new Creative Guitar Studio course will break down the finest details surrounding rhythm skills. The focus will be on creating the best rhythm guitar ability possible.

Rhythm Guitar topics will include developing a feel for time, a complete understanding of the beat, strum patterns for different for every popular duration, new chord shapes and a whole lot more. 

Lesson one breaks down four rhythmic meter studies covering rhythm and strum patterns for; half, quarter and eighth-note values.

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Join the member's area to download the PDF handout and MP3's. Study all of the examples with full access to both video lessons. Be sure to spend some additional time on learning the "Rhythm Jam Challenge" piece that I performed at the start of the lesson in the "Part One" video...

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PART ONE:  In example one, the feel for developing a recurring strum pattern applies both quarter and eighth-notes. Chords from the open position of; "C, G, Am and Em," will be applied to the strumming groove example.

Example two offers a new "mixed" beat pattern. This example is applying a mixed quarter and eighth-note groove. The meter occurs with a "mirror-like" effect in each measure. Take notice of the two down-strum attacks that occur on beats two and three.

In example three, the rhythm part operates as a blended 2-bar form. The 2-bar groove is combined with  unique strumming that incorporates attacks directed at the low and high register string sets.

A unique separated sound is produced from the hits being made between low and high register. The end result is a more targeted sound that is colored off of the separation of the low and high string sets.

Example four, completes the lesson with a varied rhythmic groove. In this varied rhythmic example, the meter changes as the measures flow along.

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