Qwik Songs #002: "Empire" by Queensrÿche

 NEW : Qwik Songs Series - Video (002)

Welcome to the new QwikSongs video lesson series. Lesson two covers the song, Empire by Queensrÿche... The Qwik-Songs videos are available in the members area. Includes PDF handout!

QwikSongs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikSongs Series run through the structure of popular songs. This will include topics such as; harmonies, scales, song sections and guitar solos... 

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Episode #002 "Empire" by Queensrÿche.

Section one discusses the two-note chords in the main riff structure and how the part operates around a 5 measure layout with a turnaround using 3/4 time.

Section two explores the harmony and keys used to create the more laid-back feel of the riffs applied in, "Empire's" Verse and Breakdown sections. 

Section three examines what intervals are applied to the harmony that is used from the song's intro. section. The two-part guitar harmony while simple, sounds strong with the addition of the harmonized guitar parts.

Empire: by Queensrÿche

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