Qwik Songs #001: "Midnight Rider" by Allman Brothers

 NEW : Qwik Songs Series - Video (001)

Welcome to the new QwikSongs video lesson series. Lesson one covers the song, Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers Band The videos are available in the members area. Includes PDF handout!

QwikSongs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikSongs Series run through the structure of popular songs. This will include topics such as; harmonies, scales, song sections and guitar solos... 

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Episode #001 "Midnight Rider" the Allman Brothers.

Section one works through the structure involved with creating the harmony of the songs main verse.key signature and tonality will be the focus.

Section two explores the structure of the songs chorus section. Includes the study of the effects of how the songs chorus impacts a tonal color shift compared to the verse. 

Section three is devoted to the songs solo section. We'll study the underlying riff for soloing over, the riffs key center and tonality, along with the scales required to perform licks and lines to produce corresponding solos.

Midnight Rider: by the Allman Brothers Band

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