REAL Science Based Reasons Why YOU Should Play Guitar

Ever wonder why guitar players seem so happy, why they're generally a real pleasure to be around, and why so many guitar players just seem to be overall content along with balanced people with not only their instruments, but in dealing with all the stress and the pressures of life... 

Some guitar players even seem to come across like nothing's any big deal to them at all. Just look at an interview conducted with; Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mark Knophler, Eddie Van Halen they all seem like really laid-back people.

Maybe that's just their personality, but perhaps there's a possibility that there's even more to it than that: According to science, the study of guitar might be as strong (or stronger) than we thought when it comes to keeping human beings balanced.

This could mean, that by simply grabbing your Fender or Gibson, you could boost your brainpower, balance your mood, and maybe even do a whole lot more...


We all know the impact that listening to music can have on creating feelings, and how certain songs can cause us to instantly feel good. But, were you aware that, according to a neuro-scientific study from McGill University, hearing music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain.

That's the same chemical that’s released when we're; super excited, having sex, eating awesome food, (like cake or ice cream) and when we laugh hysterically or when we are just really happy.

So, if your boss, your grumpy neighbor, or your credit-card bill - just made you feel bad, grabbing your guitar can help push away stress.

A combined study from the Mind-Body Wellness Center, the University School of Medicine and Applied Bio-systems found that stress can be reduced at the cellular level by simply playing an instrument, thus releasing dopamine. So, playing guitar actually reverses your body’s chemical response effect to stress and pressure.

Did you know playing guitar can also help with the control of pain...

According to a study from the University of Utah Pain Research Center, listening to music — and in our case, playing guitar / can take your mind off of pain, and thereby reduce, chronic pain issues in the body.

Plus, the exact same process also works to improve the cardiovascular system (in those who play music on an instrument). Researchers from the Netherlands found that patients who practiced music for more than an hour and a 1/2 per day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and a much lower heart rate, (than those who didn’t play an instrument). And, guess what... three of their test subjects... were Guitar players...

Another Scottish study from 2013, discovered that if you play the guitar, (or other melodic instruments, for that matter), you will be more likely to have sharper brain function, (which can help guard you against the more rapid "mental decline" that is associated to old-age in your future). So, by simply opening up a songbook and studying a few tunes each day, your mind will remain sharper, and your focus will be better longer.

Plus, (along with that), according to a Cambridge University study, musicians continue being creative even after they put their instruments down. Researchers found out that people who play music visualize the song in terms of its; shape, and then process that visually even after they put the guitar away. It's referred to as a form of practice called, "Visualization." Most don’t view this process as anything much, but visualization is a highly creative way of both thinking and learning.

There's even research that has shown that people who are involved with music actually develop a better ability to process inter-personal skills and build better human relationships. Researchers from Michigan State University found that hi-level musicians, (who picked up an instrument at an early age, and then continued nurturing their ability on the instrument throughout adulthood), had a better skill-set for things like;

1). launching successful projects with others,
2). being more innovative,
3). more inventive,
4). being better at working with others,
5). building businesses, and at
6). developing better skills for organization,
7). more successful at the creation and publishing of important systems and records.

There is also an interesting thing discovered by the Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences. They found that often-times, guitarists will record their sessions or demo their songs; (so that they could go back and practice them). But, here's the interesting thing, is that through the listening to their own recordings they found that those musicians saw a noticeable physical benefit.

That benefit had to do with listening back to music made by them, (recorded by that same person). The researchers found that a persons own recordings didn’t just make for inspiring background noise while; driving in the car, working out, or doing household chores, it actually made every task they were involved with, much less exhausting for all of those study participants who listened to their own original music recordings...

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