Rock Blues Groove (Riffs Lesson)

March 31, 2017:
Rock Blues Groove (Riffs Lesson)

PART ONE:  In the first part of the lesson we start out with some practice on the Shuffle /Boogie rhythm in example one. This feel is one of the most common Blues-Rock ideas and is applied in literally hundreds of Blues and Rock songs. Our example is similar to the types of riffs found in tunes by bands like CCR or the Black Keys. In example 1a, the foundation riff is demonstrated off of the I-chord in the key of "E Minor." However, a follow-up riff is also provided in example 1b, for the key's "IV-chord," (off of an "A" root note).

Example two shifts our rhythmic focus over to the straight-time feel. A straight 8th's Blues-Rock riff (based over a "Rock Boogie" groove in the key of "D"), opens up the opportunity for a harder edged Rock format in example 2a. Similar to how we had studied the part from example one, our riff for example two also includes a follow-up groove (see example 2b). In this sections follow up groove, rather than directly copy over the initial riff to our IV-chord, our supplemental version introduces the IV-chord using a more complimentary approach.

PART TWO: In part two, we begin in example three with a "Triplet /Shuffle" feel. This "Canned Heat" style riff explores ideas reminiscent of their classic Blues Rock hit, "On the Road Again." Combinations of triplet riffs and connecting licks work together to create a fun to learn riff based in the key of "E."

In example four, we shift gears into a heavier rock feel and cross over to a less common key signature. Our heavy rock straight time riff is based within "Ab Minor." It provides a style reminiscent of groups like "Ten Years After," or "Bad Company." This harder edge groove also adds in a number of interesting filler licks with additional two-note chord concepts.

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