Amazing "Guitar-Shaped" Estate in Argentina

If you are asking yourself what could possibly drive a man to plant 7000 trees in order to create a guitar-shaped forest on his farm, well the answer is quite simple: love... 

The incredible guitar-shaped forest in Pampas, Argentina was planted by a man called Pedro Martin Ureta and his children in memory of his wife Graciela Yraizoz.

The outline of the masterpiece as well as the star-shaped sound hole in the center were created using beautiful cypress trees, while the 6 strings of the guitar are represented by blue eucalyptus trees.

The story behind this outstanding endeavor is a touching one, since Graciela died ahead of her time in 1977 because of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. However, before the unfortunate event, she expressed her desire of creating a large guitar on her farm, since she always had a particular love for the musical instrument.

A few years after her death, her husband decided to make her dream come true by starting the laborious endeavor of planting the fantastic forest. Unfortunately, Mr. Ureta has only seen his masterpiece in pictures so far, since he is actually quite afraid of flying.



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