QwikLicks #026: String Slide Licks in "G Minor"

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QwikLicks are a FREE lesson series for all membership levels at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikLicks Series run through a short collection of guitar licks covering all types of playing styles, famous artist's playing styles and guitar techniques...

Episode #026 covers three key of "G Minor," licks created from out of the Natural Minor scale. The first lick works ascending along the neck on the fourth string. 

In lick two, the string slide idea descends down along the first guitar string covering a lot of distance from the 11th fret to the 3rd position.

The final lick is a construction based idea. We begin with an initial statement, shown with a single slide statement. Then, we expand upon that statement and create a lick that applies greater distance within the scale.

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