C@@L Check Out the New Iron-loop Pedal...

Joyo Audio has unveiled the Iron-loop looper pedal. 

As a new member of the Iron-man pedal series, this mini-size Iron-loop is equipped with a unique "knob guard" to protect the parameter settings...

This new digital phrase looper offers a very intuitive user interface, the ring on the pedal shows the length of your recorded loop, which makes overdubbing a lot easier because you can see where your loop begins and ends.

It uses 44.1 KHz/16bit sampling for CD quality recording of your guitar signal. When it is not being used, a true bypass circuit minimizes any signal loss.

The Companies Demo Video:

It has a simple configuration knob of a playback volume to set how loud you want your loop to be, also different level indicator color presents different looper working status, when you are recording the loops, the indicator is red, it turns to blue when it enters playing mode.

Other features of Iron-loop include:

Maximum recording time: 20 minutes
Sampling frequency: 44.1KHz
Resolution: 16bit

Street price for Iron-loop is $75.00