Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Practicing Guitar


Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Practicing Guitar

There are certain principles of conducting guitar practice that can be incredibly helpful when learned and applied early on. 

If players can develop these practice traits early enough, their playing skills will develop much more rapidly than through trying to learn through one's own methods...

These days YouTube is a flood of guitar methods and instructional material. There's hundreds of teachers, teaching songs and describing licks. There's enough lessons about the Minor Pentatonic scale to sink a battleship, and the worst part is with the severe drop in ad revenue for YouTube creators over the last few years, the YouTube videos have turned into a tsunami of click-bait merchants instead of information givers. 

So, in this day and age how can you learn the guitar properly? I'm still convinced that it comes down to what I like to call "Personal Excellence." Now, what I mean by this is focusing on excellence. And, I believe it needs to involve two simultaneous directions of study. 

One side of this approach has to do with a proper step-by-step curriculum that can guide the student through material in an orderly manner. 

The other side is what we'll call electives. These are somewhat random topics, but they each need to be based upon exposure to guitar playing; terms, theories as well as, advanced musical topics and guitar techniques. 

The electives also need to be taught in a way that properly covers each topic at hand. The terms, theories and the concepts of each elective must be organized correctly, or they will fail the student.

I've structured my own Creative Guitar Studio curriculum in this way, by using the core curriculum, (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses), to lay down the foundation of a "step-by-step" learning method. And, I've used the "MasterClasses, GuitarBlog Lessons and QwikLicks," to act as the course electives. This has allowed students who are members of the site to learn guitar in the most comprehensive manner possible with online lessons.

Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Practicing Guitar



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