Pentatonic Scales for Rock Guitar

December 23, 2016:
Pentatonic Scales for Rock Guitar

PART ONE: In part one, the first example uses a two-string recurring interval pattern. The pattern of the lick moves along the second and third strings and is created out of Minor 3rd's and Major 2nd's in the key of "G Minor." Example two, is organized around the Minor 3rd and Major 2nd geometrical patterns in the key of "D Minor" on the fingerboard. These intervals are stacked on adjacent strings and produce double-boxes establishing a unique fret-board layout of three and four fret regions. 

Watch Part 2 of this lesson in the members area where we'll work on an interesting double Pentatonic scale idea that uses 4-note sequencing. Plus, we'll also check out the sounds of the major tonality with a Mixolydian based phrase that applies sweep picking. Paid members can download the handout and the MP3 jamtrack in the members area at:



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