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Understand how to better apply better strumming and picking methods to enhance your skills for rhythm and lead playing...

Strumming and picking, (along with a few other standard guitar techniques), are crucial for developing the ability to perform musical ideas on guitar. When these skills are developed properly, it makes playing music on the guitar a lot easier. However, if these skills are lacking, then performing anything on guitar becomes a lot more difficult. 

For many guitar students, the topic of "guitar technical skill" is generally quite weak. There are far too many students who neglect technique and instead focus entirely on TAB's, learning song after song. While learning songs will tend to be fun, it can unfortunately keep a student on one constant plane (at a plateau) with poor technical ability. 

In this lesson, we're going to look at a collection of exercises that combine strumming and picking concepts. This will work to not only improve these areas, but it will also make playing the guitar a lot more fun.

PART ONE: Example one explores small strum hits and short picking phrases. A 2-part example demonstrates how 3-note triads, single-note lines and double-stops can come together to create interesting technical phrases.

Example two combines isolated string-set strumming ideas with sweep picking. The strumming phrase places an emphasis upon blending the rhythm idea with legato used alongside of a sweep picked idea

PART TWO: Example three helps players better understand more complex techniques like "String-Skipping," "Double-Stops," and "Pedal-Point Picking." The example exercise uses a similar melodic phrase across two separate chord voicings of a "Bmaj7" chord.

Example four focuses on one of the best strumming technique workouts by introducing a 16th-note Funk phrase. This two measure Funk example flows between a "Bmaj7" and an "Emaj7." Octave chord melodies are performed alongside the 16th-note major 7th chords. 

Enjoy the lesson!

Better Strumming and Picking

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