Increased Fretboard Coverage

December 09, 2016:
Increased Fretboard Coverage

PART ONE: In part one, we study of how a melodic phrase can operate in more than one fingerboard area. This will look at how the same phrase can be re-located up at new positions. Plus, we'll discuss how a guitarist can benefit from redesigning a melodic passage within a key center using syncopation, common phrasing devices, altering the meter, phrasing, direction and flow. The take away of a study like this is to learn to develop these types of changes in order to produce unique new phrases from any existing statement using nearly identical scale tones. 

Watch Part 2 of this lesson to study how guitar parts can be modified to better suit the mix in recordings or during a live performance. We'll learn how to make changes to the format of both melody and rhythm in order to modify phrases to act as an extension of an original idea. Paid members can download the handout and the MP3 jamtrack in the members area at:



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