Scales Guitar Players Need to Practice


Scales Guitar Players Need to Practice

As practicing guitar players we need to better understand the scales that are most important. 

And, we need to get started on practicing the scales that will help us in the most common musical situations presented to us as composers, improvisors and as band members...

Guitar players tend to be one of the worst groups of instrumentalists when it comes to learning their scales and for knowing their notes on their instrument. After years of playing with other musicians and being in countless bands, it still blows me away how many times I need to explain basic things to the guitar players that I'll often end up working with. 

Things like; where certain notes are located, or what scale is supposed to be used over a section of a song, or even how to relocate a riff or a lick to another area of the neck. 

The problem tends to be rooted in the fact that far too many guitar players never bother to properly learn their scales. In this episode of the GuitarBlog Insider, we're going to discuss, "The Scales Guitar Players Need to Practice."

Scales Guitar Players Need to Practice



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