E Major 7th Arpeggio Licks [QwikLicks 019]

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QwikLicks are a FREE lesson series for all membership levels at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikLicks Series will run through a short collection of guitar licks in all kinds of different playing styles...

Episode 019 covers three "E Major 7th," arpeggio licks that involve examples of; Diatonic use over a progression in the key of, "E Major." Arpeggio chord target use over a IV-Chord of an "E Major Triad," within the key center of "B major." And, an example of 'Diatonic Chord Substitution' involving a "VI-Chord" (C#m7), in the key of, "E Major."

I've included references and layouts for all of the Major 7th Arpeggio neck patterns.

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