Micro Lesson 298: "G Major" Country-Soul Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 298"

This Micro-Lesson works through the sounds of the style of, "Country-Soul," guitar and features a riff from within the key of, "G Major."  

The ideas found in this riff range from unique chord colors to interesting time signature shifts. The Country-Soul style will blend elements of Country music along side; Jazz, Soul, and Folk music. 

In this Micro-Lesson riff we begin from the standard, "G Major," chord in the first position and follow-up with the basic "C Major." From here, we have a flashy open-string style run that moves through the, "G and Am7," chords of the key signature up into an, "Em," until moving into the, "D major." 

At the mid-point of the riff we encounter a measure of 2/4 time. It functions to facilitate a longer duration /sustain on the chord of, "D Major." This, "D," chord is in the first inversion with the, "F#," in the bass. The next measure shifts back to 4/4 time and revisits the, "G and C," chords. Take note, that on the, "C Major," chord, I'm playing it as a voicing that uses the thumb in the bass. Also, these "C and G" chords are now located up in the 7th and 8th positions and are working to help to begin a descending chord progression down the neck into a first inversion, "G/B," chord and then an extended, "Am11," chord in the final measure. 

Overall, this progression is functioning at an Intermediate to Advanced level of playing. It will require good technique and good skill for the chord patterns. If these chords are new to you, work on them separately to build your skills. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 298: "G Major" Country-Soul Riff