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Chord practice, (developing chord shapes), tends to be an often overlooked area for a lot of guitar players. It's kind of funny, in a way, since rhythm guitar makes up at least 80% (or more), of what we do when we're playing guitar in a band setting. 

Due to this glaring fact, you'd figure guitarists would work on chords a lot more than they do, however that's generally not the case. And, due to this reality, the practicing guitarist desperately needs some style of "learning system" to help them get to perform any new chord shapes on the neck. 

SEVENTH CHORDS: Most players will quickly learn the open position chords and a few of the barre-chord /moveable chord types. Unfortunately, after this point, many players stop learning advanced chord shapes. 

But, if your band plays a few jazzy numbers, or maybe has some soul music in the mix, or perhaps you want to add some R and B into your set-list, you will need to be well prepared on playing the 7th-Quality chord shapes.  These shapes can be a challenge to the guitarist, and that's where a system for learning them comes in handy.

NECK MAPPING: The neck mapping strategy and the additional rhythm studies I cover in this lesson can really pay off for you. So, be sure to think of how any new chord types sit on the fret-board in respect of the "3 main areas of the neck." Learn new chords along each neck region, (with a goal of being able to play at least three shapes of the chord type. 

APPLICATION PROGRESSIONS: After mapping the neck for your new chord types, apply each new chord that you're practicing within a short practical chord study exercise. Generally four measures will do. Add in some appropriate rhythm and groove strumming patterns once the chords become easier to perform. Over time, this type of work will really pay off for you. Enjoy the lesson!

Guitar Chord Mapping Study

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