Micro Lesson 294: "E Minor" 16th-note Triplet Speed Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 294"

This Micro Lesson explores a fast 16th-note triplet guitar lick in the key of "E Minor." 

The 16th-note triplet is a faster rhythm duration that operates over a structure of "six attacks" per single beat in time. The speed of this rhythm is tough to play properly at tempos 80 beats per minute, (b.p.m.), and over, so play at tempos that are much slower in the early stages of learning this lick. 

The guitar lick is centered up at the higher frets. It consists of two-bars each applying the same rhythm idea. This idea is that of three beats using the 16th-note triplet and one beat (the 4th beat), applying a quarter-note. 

In measure one, the phrase begins by coming off of the 5th string's 7th fret and moving along the lateral version of the, "E Minor Pentatonic," scale. A series of phrasing ideas using pull-off's, a slide, and a hammer-on, all bring together the first half of the lick in measure one targeted to an 8th fret second string "G" note. 

In measure two, the phrase is located up at the 10th position and remains there for the entire part. There are an abundance of hammer-on's and pull-off's in measure two. So, make sure that you take your time learning exactly how they operate. These legato ideas will help to both better position the 'fret-board hand' as well as, help build the overall speed. 

Since this lick is very fast, you will need to work slowly with a metronome to build-up the speed. Be sure to correctly feel the pace of the 16th-note triplet. Listen to the example several times to fully comprehend the feel of the lick. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 294: "E Minor" 16th-note Triplet Speed Lick