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This week's GuitarBlog explores how to create melodic lead guitar ideas by simply using the chord's own layout of intervals. 

The lesson focuses on picking out specific notes of the underlying chord shapes and combining them with extensions. Knowing about intervals helps a lot. Chord construction is also vital. Therefore, I'm going to stress extra study in these areas and I highly recommend having a solid knowledge of key signature theory as well.

Chord progressions are the backbone of every rhythm. And,
by composing, (or improvising), into the chord's tones, we can perform very melodic guitar solos /lead on them. 

This technique, of picking out the chords own intervals when building melody, is often called, "Picking Apart the Chords." 

It works when playing, (by composing or improv.),  into specific chord tones. The goal is to do it in a simple way, using nothing more than intervals of the chords that are already being playing within the rhythm part. 

Watch the video below for an example of this. I'll begin by establishing a chord progression. Then, I'll demonstrate how this technique can be used to create melodic lines. Enjoy!

Picking Apart Chords

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