Micro Lesson 293: "B Minor" Smooth-Jazz Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 293"

This Micro Lesson breaks down the movement of chords from a typical, "Smooth-Jazz," riff in the key of, "B Minor." 

The progression works it's way through the key's; I, IV, V, VI and VII chords. It also includes a fun to play, "B Minor," Pentatonic Scale run. 

The first measure starts off from the tonic chord of, "B m7" played in the 7th position. There's a quick shift to a very popular chord found in this style, the "A/B" chord, (often referred to as a "B9sus"). 

This chord is simply looked at as the key's VII-chord played with the key's tonic in the bass. The next segment of this riff is the scale run. It uses the notes of the, "B Minor," Pentatonic Scale to shoot through a nice build-up feel into the next measure. 

The run is very linear and acts to connect the line back to the tonic chord once again. In measure three, we find the return to the tonic and an appearance of the keys IV-chord of "Em7." Here the, "Em7," pushes us up into the final measure where the keys VI-chord appears next, (Gmaj7"). 

The progression gets turned around by the key's minor V-chord of, "F#m7." It's a common sound for pop music and the use of the 7th chords is what makes this feel so tied into the jazz world. 

If the chords are known to you, then memorize the lick found within the riff and start building your speed. However, if these chords are new, take your time learning them and once they begin to feel manageable build the tempo higher. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 293: "B Minor" Smooth-Jazz Riff