Micro Lesson 297: "G Minor" Kumoi Pentatonic Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 297"

This Micro Lesson covers a melody in, "G Minor," that uses a unique Japanese Pentatonic Scale known as the, "Kumoi." 

This pint size 5-tone scale is a powerful sounding one that works great when targeting into it's 4th degree, (which is a minor quality chord color). The scale itself also promotes a possible, "Minor," direction due to it's lowered 2nd and 6th intervals. But, since there is no 3rd degree present, the tonality off of the I-chord can be ambiguous. 

In this Micro-Lesson melody the scale used is the, "D Kumoi." This 5-tone Japanese Pentatonic has the notes of, "D, Eb, G, A, Bb." These tones have a scale degree formula of "1, b2, 4, 5, b6." Many uses of this pentatonic will tend to lean toward the 4th degree since at that tone we generate a complete, "G Minor," triad chord. 

In the melody for this Micro-Lesson, the phrase begins with pick-up notes off of the root of, "D." However, we quickly point toward the 4th degree triad of, "G Minor," in measure one. The next measure ushers in a tonal shift at the tonic chord of, "D." As mentioned earlier, since the, "D," tonic can be ambiguous, we have the option of promoting this degree as major. In this case, we find a, "D Major," in play. The next measure uses a tonality of major once again with the, "Eb major." This is another interesting degree since it does offer a quality for us of major through all of the proper, "Eb Major," triad chord tones exist in the scale. 

The melody at this point can either end upon the, "G Minor," color or it can loop. If you would like to practice playing some lead with this mode, record the chord changes given and use the, "D Kumoi," scale for some improvisation practice. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 297: "G Minor" Kumoi Pentatonic Melody