Philosophy of Successful Guitar Playing

GuitarBlog: Philosophy of Successful Guitar Playing...

This weeks GuitarBlog covers the Philosophy of Successful Guitar Playing... 

Even though many guitar players never consider it all too much, playing guitar does have a lot of do with philosophy. 

The way we think through what and how we play and the competency level that we attain throughout our playing days will operate in some form of a psychological loop. 

The interesting part is, the less we're concerned with how we're doing, the better we tend to do. And, the more we become concerned with how we're doing, the worse we tend to do. 

Put quite simply, the feel for playing music comes along more naturally to us if we are not "over thinking" everything. All we need to do is think less and play more. If we force the music, we also force ourselves mentally and this can allow a lot of mistakes to kick in. Those mistakes can be subtle, like a note fretting just slightly off. Or, they can be huge, like drawing a complete blank and causing a complete crash and burn. Enjoy this weeks video!

Philosophy of Successful Guitar Playing

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