Micro Lesson 177: "B Major" Arpeggiated Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 177"

This Micro Lesson applies an arpeggiated chord idea to the first and fourth chords of the key of "B Major." 

The chords are played from low to high across the string sets  with a flat-pick. In measures one and two I have a "B Major" harmony that tracks from the 6th string root to the 4th string octave, then to the major third and finally to the chords fourth. This creates a harmony of a "Badd4" chord. This chord lasts across both initial measures and then moves into the IV-chord of the key (Emaj7). 

The same string sets are used on the "Emaj7" IV-chord where we are highlighting the chords; Root, 5th and Maj.7 intervals. 

The final measure introduces an open "A" 5th string in the bass balancing a great sound for the progressions turnaround. Work on this progression in short time frames as the chords are large and tough on the stretch across the fingerboard. 

Spend time on the picking hand. Keep a really good sense for the tracking of the tones as you work on the pattern. It may take some time, but your picking hand will gain better control the more you work on this technique. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 177: "B Major" Arpeggiated Melody