Micro Lesson 174: "Key of C" Minor Pentatonic Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 174"

This Micro Lesson runs through a Minor Pentatonic Lick from the Key of "C" that works between the 6th and 8th positions. 

This lick uses fairly traditional Pentatonic phrases to create a passage that begins in the 8th position and travels down a whole-step to 5th. 

Starting at the top two strings in 8th position, the lick begins with a fast double-stop hammer-on to the 2nd strings 10th fret. The initial resolution to "C" occurs at the 10th fret of 4th string. From there we apply our position shift into the 5th position. Here we find a quick appearance of a tone borrowed from "C Dorian" mode (the major 6th of "F#"). 

An "E" natural appears next (bringing in a major 3rd sound) to help with the final resolution toward the last note of the line, which also happens to be the scales Tonic of "C." 

Take your time developing the ideas if Pentatonic licks are new territory. Memorize the positions, fingerings and phrasing. And, when your ready, turn on a metronome and build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 174: "Key of C" Minor Pentatonic Lick