Micro Lesson 184: "B Minor" Phrygian Mode Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 184"

This Micro Lesson covers a fast-paced guitar lick in "B Minor" that is based upon the "B Phrygian" Mode. 

The lick operates within the 9th position and begins from the 4th guitar string with a triplet phrase in 16th-note triplets. 

This phrase immediately highlights the unique lowered 2nd degree of the Phrygian Mode. It achieves this by pushing through the Tonic of "B" into the "b2" degree tone of "C." 

A run follows up from the 5th guitar string carrying through up to the 2nd string. Here, the phrase executes another 16th-note triplet and brings in a line on the 2nd string that once again highlights the Phrygian Modes unique lowered 2nd degree. 

The lick resolves on the 5th scale tone of "F#." Take your time with this phrase and build the speed slowly over time with a metronome. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 184: "B Minor" Phrygian Mode Lick