Micro Lesson 173: "D Major" Arpeggiated Chord Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 173"

This Micro Lesson takes a look into the world of arpeggiated chords with a riff operating from the key of "D Major." 

This riff begins in measure one with a 1st inversion of the root chord of, "D maj7." Using the "F#" in the bass, the arpeggiated idea functions upon the 5th through 3rd strings. 

The second measure moves into an incomplete "G6" chord. This "G6" chord does not contain the third chord tone of "B." The outline of the chord once again operates between 5th to 3rd strings. 

In measure three, we find another 1st inversion process, this time produced off of the "E7" chord which places the "G#" in the bass. The "E7" functions as a secondary dominant chord in the key, (replacing the diatonic "Em7" chord). This chords arpeggiated idea extends out to the 2nd string and alters the rhythmic meter by using continuous eighth-notes. 

The final measure brings in an "Asus4" chord to add some tension at the turnaround back to the top. Take your time with developing all of the chord patterns and with any of the more challenging finger reaches. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 173: "D Major" Arpeggiated Chord Riff