Micro Lesson 171: "Key of E" Blues /R&B Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 171"

This Micro Lesson applies several Blues and R&B ideas mixed together to create an interesting riff in the key of, "E." 

The riff is applied in two segments with the first being made up of a two-bar phrase. This first part is actually a common R&B idea utilizing a II7-V7-I7 progression, (F#7, B7, E7). 

The dominant 7th chord sound is very interesting and highlights the overall chord groove of swung eighth-notes. In the second section of this riff I focus on the IV7 chord of the key, (A7). The IV7 chord is played through using chord tones introducing much more of the Bluesy effect into the riff. 

An outline is generated of this IV7 chord using the chords 3rd, 5th and 7th, as well as, minor 3rd (Blues color tone). The only other color tone ends up being the introduction of an extension of a 9th interval, (the interval tone of B). 

Take your time memorizing the phrase first. Then build the speed with a metronome. Most importantly, have fun!

Micro Lesson 171: "Key of E" Blues /R&B Riff