RHYTHM GUITAR 003: Rhythm Parts & Connecting Lines

April 20, 2018:
Rhythm Parts and Connecting Lines

 NEW  The third lesson of "Rhythm Guitar" focuses on adding connecting lines in and around chord punches. Studies in this lesson will include performing connecting lines; after chords, before chords and within the middle of a measure.

The examples in lesson three will use several unique chord patterns including everything from triads to Dominant 11th quality chords and power chords. A "Rhythm Riffs Jam" is included to help students practice how to layer multiple rhythm parts. 

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Join the member's area to download the PDF handout and MP3's. Study all of the examples with full access to both video lessons. Be sure to spend some additional time on learning the "Rhythm Jam Challenge" piece that I performed at the start of the lesson in the "Part One" video...

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PART ONE:  In example one, a steady eighth-note feel establishes a country /folk progression in the key of "G Major." Chord punches are applied at the start of each measure. A follow up melody is performed after each chord.

In example two, a funk based groove is built upon busy sixteenth-notes. The connecting line melody occurs at the start of each measure. Follow up chords are of the "Dominant" chord quality, with all but one of them using extensions of an 11th.

In example three, the riff is based upon the power chord being used to establish the measure at the start and end of each bar. In the middle of each measure, a connecting line based on notes of the "D Minor" pentatonic are used to format the tonal color of each bar.

Example four, applies connecting lines around Blues rhythm riffs. This style will often add melodic ideas using; Arpeggios, Pentatonic scale, as well as, Blues Scale connecting lines. The lines are played in and around Dominant chord punches. In example four, phrases from a key of "Bb Blues" progression are used to highlight the I, IV and V chords.

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