8 Arpeggio Licks to Give Your Solos a Boost

In this video, I'm going to give your skills a boost for when you're playing that next guitar solo by helping you to start ripping up the neck with eight mixed arpeggio licks...

The following licks cover everything from; Major and Minor, to Seventh qualities, Extended ideas, Diminished and Altered arpeggios. 

Watch the Video:

Licks 1 and 2: 
Mixed Major and Minor Triads...

Lick #1).

Lick #2).

Licks 3 and 4:
Major 7 and Minor 7 w /Extended:

Lick #3).

Lick #4).

Licks 5 and 6:
Mixed 7th Chords, w/Triads and Compound Extended Intervals

Lick #5).

Lick #6).

Licks 7 and 8:
Mixed 7th Chords w/Altered and Diminished Harmony

Lick #7).

Lick #8).

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