What Makes the Perfect Guitar Student?

What Makes the Perfect Guitar Student?

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect" guitar student? If so, what creates one, and how can some of the behaviors of the 'perfect student' be copied (and then integrated) so that anyone can adopt these personality traits...? 

The best music students I've ever taught (over the last 25 plus years of being a guitar instructor) are highly invested in what they're doing. 

They realize that they are involved in an educational endeavor. They push themselves into practice for many hours and they make their guitar lesson a serious priority. 

These "Top" students realize that the time for which they spend with the guitar teacher is a partnership and the quality of what occurs through taking guitar lessons depends upon a 50/50 relationship between them and the teacher. 

In other words, the student doesn't "expect" that the teacher is a mind reader, or that the teacher can just magically inject guitar skills within them. The "Perfect" guitar student realizes that success is a partnership formed between their own disciplined efforts and the committed efforts of the music instructor

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"What Makes the Perfect Guitar Student?"

What Makes the Perfect Guitar Student?



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