5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Become A Musician...

Most musicians fail because they do things that  accomplish very little (even if they invest a lot of time). 

This causes most musicians to waste years of their lives only to end up frustrated and disappointed with nothing to show for all their effort...

Here are five reasons why people have not become a successful musician yet...

1. Your Job Situation Prevents You From Your Music Career
It’s just not possible to grow a successful music career if you spend every minute of your free time exhausted because you work a full time job 40 hours a week.

You must develop a strategy for smoothly transitioning out of your day job. One way to do this is to reduce the hours you spend every week at your day job from forty to thirty five and spend the difference working on your music.

As you begin making additional music related income, you can cut down the amount of time you spend at your regular job and gradually phase in more of your music income.

2. Your On Stage Performing Skills Are Severely Lacking
Amateur musicians have not mastered the ability to perform well in live situations.

It’s not enough to just stand on stage and play your instrument swaying your head a little. Pros are able to put on shows that motivate people to see the band play again, sell their music, their merchandise and take the band to a higher level in the industry.

Anytime you play on stage, it should motivate your fans to tell everyone they know about how awesome your band is.

3. You're Holding Yourself Back
Musicians often complain that they don’t have enough opportunities, but if they were only given a chance, they would take advantage of it. In reality, musicians often pass on big opportunities because of their own fears and insecurities.

The main idea here is that these kinds of musicians complain about not having opportunities for developing their careers, and eventually they go on to reject the big chance to break into the music industry. Maybe you've met these musicians, who years later, are still telling of the sad story about how they never got the chance to become highly successful even though they had this big break and it all fell apart because of this or that.

Don’t become another one of these unsuccessful complainers. Don’t put things off and allow inaction to be the main factor for why you never became a success. Don’t allow fears of failure to become the destroyer of your dreams.

Take action and begin recording your new music, start playing in a new band, improve your songwriting skills, improve your guitar ability.

It will take a lot of powerful action to move your music career forward, but first you'll need to build your musical assets, then work with a mentor or teacher who will show you how to reach them.If you ignore advice from successful people and do not bother to continue to educate yourself musically, you will stagnate and you will fail.

4. You Already Gave Up...
One of the worst ways to ruin your chances for success in music is to listen to the advice of people who have never been successful professional musicians. These people will tell you things like:

“Music isn’t a real job.”

“You want to become a musician? Dream on!”

“To be a musician, you have to accept being a starving artist.”

“The music business is too risky, get a job doing something more stable.”

“Do music on the side, in case it doesn’t work out.”

Reality is, the music industry is a very safe industry to work in (for musicians who follow the correct steps for earning a good living in music). The majority of the true professionals in the music business are NOT playing on street corners… they make a good living doing what they love to do and are simply not known in popular media.

Actually, it is a lot easier to earn a great living in the music business than most people think (while also having that income be very consistent and secure). That said, endless amounts of musicians pay attention to the ignorant advice of others who have never even worked in the music business. As a result, they think their musical dreams are impossible.

To transform yourself into a highly successful professional musician, you need to listen to people who have accomplished major success in the same areas of the industry you want to work in.

There is no reason to accept the well-meaning (but misguided) advice of your peers, friends or family who only repeat myths and platitudes about success the music industry without any true experience in this industry.

Remember, your favorite bands and musicians all started at or below where you are now in your music career before they went on to become legends. The only thing that keeps you from achieving what they’ve done is your mindset.

5. A Lack of Understanding of How To Earn Money In this Business
Amateur musicians spend tons of their time recording tracks for their albums and improving on their instruments, yet have no clue how to earn a living from all these things.

These musicians usually invest thousands of dollars, and months of their time into writing and recording music, then finally release it online where no one (except for their friends) hear it. They become disappointed, their music careers come to screeching halt (before even getting started) and they never again try to accomplish anything significant.

You will not earn a good living as a professional musician by taking isolated actions. Professional musicians make money by developing entrepreneurial mindsets (and taking massive action), growing strategically by learning to interweave many different streams of income and by working with an experienced mentor to understand how to create their own opportunities in the music industry.



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